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ShinNaZuki APK + OBB Data

ShinNaZuki Hatsune Miku Collab Anime Game xapk

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[Orthodox Japanese RPG — Absolute Audiovisual Feast]

— Six major floating island adventures for super interaction:
The chapter story line takes you to experience multiple worlds, and
the million-word story takes you to explore the grand world view.
— Fantasy beautiful background music for super sense:
Background music is carefully produced by Japanese music master Hitoshi Sakimoto!

[A number of Popular Voices – Listening to the Voice of Guardian]

— Super popular voice actor “Hanazawa Kana” as the “Voice Ambassador”
together with many top voice actor”Kimura Ryouhei”, “Hayami Saori”,
“Fukuen Misato””Horie Yui” create the voice of the guardian.
Many voice actor dubbing entirely, and more,sound interaction at intimate scene .
— Hatsune Miku broken wall to collaborate with Hanazawa Kana,
the two loveliest sang the theme song “ShinNaZuki”.
More cute sounds waiting for you to listen!

[Reputed Painter Create Characters–Playing a variety of Modeling]

— “Bloodline” Art Team and Japanese well-known painter Zuzuhira Hiro,
Mikimoto Haruhiko, Nekonabe Ao carefully drawn the characters, hundreds of
painted characters can visually feel strong personality shaping.Unique and stunning picture
not only can make pictorial book, but also give the player a huge sense of imagination.
— Gorgeous fashion free to change in girls dream closet. Spoiled, Crying, Shy…
Character expressions are vivid and varied, and a variety of styles are free to match.

[Multiple Innovative Gameplay– Real time PVP Battle]

— Single manipulating more than 40 kinds of character combinations,
Warriors, Archer, Assassins, Mages, Cleric, the five major occupations,
completely non-repetitive character characteristics and skill effects.
The shackles and combinations between the characters also affect the battle!
— Using professional restraint to carry out pre-war deployments, using various
brain-burning tactics such as back-attacks, combos and positions to break the enemy one by one.
The fun of the game is more indicative of the player’s Strategy&Tactics!
— Real-time PVP battle, multiplayer build team to fight against the world BOSS,
Guild War, Party Trial, Magic Cards, Star Ladder, Mystryland, etc.!
The PvP system also has different classifications, Captain War, Trap battles, etc.,
Not just need to consider the lineup, Scene Position is also an important factor affecting the battle!

Screenshot Gameplay :




How to Instal

  1. Download and Instal xpak installer 
  2. Download shinnazuki.xpak
  3. Open xapk installer and instal the azurlane
  4. Play!!

Cara Instal

  1. Download dan instal XAPK INSTALLER 
  2. Download File shinnazuki.xapk
  3. buka xapk installer dan cari file XAPK  yang sudah didownload
  4. tunggu sampai proses instal selesai

Download File

  • shinnazuki.xapk : GD or GD2
  • xapk installer : GD

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