Date A Live Spirit Pledge [APK]

Date A Live Spirit Pledge APK

Date A Live Spirit Pledge APK

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Anime Mobile Android Game APK

Download Date A Live Spirit Pledge APK Android no Mod Date A Live DAL Anime Android Mobile Game HP

Date A Live Spirit Pledge APK

[This is really coming]
Hello, everyone!
“The War: The Elf is coming” will officially meet with you on September 21st!
(Key focus: game pre-download has been turned on).
By convention, I first blow a wave of the content of the online version.

The main storyline 5 chapters, the whole process is the original CV dubbing (even the teacher has a play), but also added a lot of animation and CG maps made by the big Liangshan, because for some special reasons, many of my favorite CG maps are not Put it in, you can privately trust my mailbox (fake)

In addition to the old version of the horizontal version of the battle, the *** gameplay and the old driver’s car gameplay have been perfected. At the same time, we have added some BOSS in the endless mode. You finally have to play the robot all day long.

I revisited the dating script and added a lot of stories that I have never seen before. For example, if you are caught by the origami master’s trap, or someone chooses underwear for someone, you will not say it here for the sake of spoilers.

I left a few sets of clothes for Shixiang, added some skill effects to Shixiang, and wrote several scripts for Shixiang… It’s not a lot of things here and everyone is nonsense, please experience it yourself~

In general
Under the unremitting efforts of the bald people in the Great Liangshan, we finally solved a lot of model compatibility and adaptation problems that appeared in the last test, but because the Android market model is too complicated, there may be some fish missing. Please contact our customer service Ji if you encounter any problems during use.
(Customer Ji said that he has already smashed the little jiojio! Please wait a moment for the small partner who is not able to receive the immediate treatment.)

After these days of ios first test, we roughly solved some problems with higher frequency of occurrence. But for games, solving BUG is only the first step. Optimizing the game experience is actually more important.

In the development phase of the game, many things are done on the computer. Now we have to play on the mobile phone. There is a difference between the use environment and the development environment. We still found a lot of things that need to be optimized, whether it is the performance of many interfaces, or the feel of operations in battle. Everyone’s feedback will be seriously read (seriously changed!), and will also adjust the unreasonable content of the game according to your suggestions, so that everyone can be more comfortable when playing.

Sincerely speaking, with more than one year of continuous attention and support, we have set up the framework of gameplay, the basis of playability, and made many new attempts, but because of its ability and time, the game Not every one can achieve a very good experience, or it is at a very early stage. Then we want to do a lot of things. I hope everyone can enjoy the face, join us and participate in this big battle. Gradually enrich the game and optimize the experience together!

This is the fire of the stars. With the support of everyone, we will eventually poke the original!

Da Liangshan production team, sincere thanks!

I, the chief apology officer of Daliangshan, must fight for money this time!

Screenshot Gameplay :




Download File : GoogleDrive1 || GoogleDrive2

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